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Total Wealth Management For Families & Business Owners in Manitoba

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What We Do & Who We Help

We serve families and business owners who are looking for guidance in overseeing their financial affairs. Our clients are focused on growing and protecting their wealth, transferring wealth in the most efficient manner, minimizing taxes, and making an impact through charitable giving.

Families and Business Owners Work With Us To:

  • Grow and protect their wealth
  • Transfer their wealth in the most efficient manner
  • Minimize and mitigate taxes
  • Make an impact with charitable giving
Our Story

The Inclusif Group Story

Gilles and Wade have dedicated their lives to learning all they can about a topic that many people tend to avoid – personal finance and investing. They’re passionate about helping Manitobans meet their long-term financial goals. They take care of your money so that you can spend less time worrying and more time enjoying all that life has to offer.

Gilles R. Ouellette
"We want you to walk out of our meetings feeling better then when you walked in."
Gilles R. Ouellette, Principal Financial Advisor

Our Clients

Our team combines the eagerness of a younger advisor who is motivated to do the best for clients with the expertise of an advisor who has served clients well for 50 years. Together, they collaborate and bring different perspectives that give you a more comprehensive view of your financial situation.

  1. Passionate:   We are passionate about helping every single one of our clients achieve their financial dreams.
  2. Transparency:   We believe that informed investors make better financial decisions. We want you to know what you own and why you own it.
  3. You’re Not Just A Number:   We are strategic in the number of clients we look after because we offer highly personalized services. We’re not a large bank and proud of it!
  4. Flexible Service:   We know life is busy, so we meet you where you’re at and where you’re most comfortable. You can choose to meet in-person, through video or over the phone.

Our Process

Financial planning is not one-size-fits-all. Since financial needs change as life progresses, we created a 6-step financial planning process that sets a solid foundation and allows us to make changes depending on where you are at in life.

1 Discovery Meeting

This is a casual meeting where we get to know you, your goals, your financial situation, any concerns you have, and where we collect relevant data.

2 Review Findings

We will review our findings to help gain a complete, in-depth understanding of your financial situation so that we can make appropriate recommendations that accelerate your progress towards reaching your goals.

3 Investment Plan Meeting

In this meeting we present a plan to you based on information gathered.

4 Implementation Meeting

In this meeting we’ll make any adjustments to the plan and then take the appropriate steps to put the plan into place.

5 Initial Review Meeting

This meeting occurs once the plan has been in place for a few months. We review and ensure everything is going smoothly.

6 Regular Progress Meeting

We will continue to have regular meetings with you (at minimum once a year) to discuss any changes in your life that could affect the plan.

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Addressing The Five Key Concerns of the Affluent


On a scale from 1-10, how confident are you that your money is working for you as effectively as possible and that all of your financial affairs are in order? If you can't answer 10 to this question, you are likely experiencing the one or more of the 5 key concerns of the affluent: Wealth Creation, Wealth Protection, Wealth Transfer, Wealth Impact, and Tax. Our team has experience addressing these 5 key concerns to give you confidence in your plan and enjoy peace of mind.

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