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Case Study

Wealth Creation

Wealth Creation

The Opportunity

In March of 2020, Maggie and Colin had a net worth of $7-10 million and were in an excellent position for their own retirement. They had plans to buy their adult daughter a condo and were in the fortunate situation that they intended to pay cash for it. However, the Coronavirus pandemic began to wreak havoc on the market that same month. Stocks plunged 22% in just two days, resulting in the biggest drop in eight decades. When they reached out to VPI about next steps, we realized the opportunity Maggie and Colin had to enter the market at the very bottom…and use that to their advantage.

The Plan

After reviewing their assets, Value Partners encouraged Maggie and Colin to reach out to their Banker to get a Mortgage for the condo instead. While we wouldn’t typically encourage people to borrow money to invest, the families combined net worth made this recommendation a reasonable one as they could easily pay down the mortgage if required. With $500K liquid cash now available, our team was able to use e-signatures and EFTs to act quickly and wire their money into a joint account in less than 24 hours.

The Outcome

By entering the market when it had dropped so substantially, Maggie and Colin were able to make the most of their investment. At the end of 2020, just nine months later, they were already up $270K, a whopping 55%! The families’ business ownership mentality and trust in our team, combined with VPI’s service level and use of technology, allowed them to act quickly and take advantage of this unforeseen opportunity.

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